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Thursday 18 June 2015

Wrestling with the complexities of mineral water

Water is good for you right? And minerals can help boost your health and immune systems right? So it follows that mineral water must be really good for you. 

Hold on a minute. It's not that simple say the people from Karma. That's correct. Karma - the Buddhist belief that whatever you do will come back to you in the future.

Karma is promoted as a "wellness water" - and it has a point of difference. I wasn't too thrilled as the same PR agency recently sent me some strawberry beer that was well beyond disgusting (although, to be fair, I am probably not in the strawberry beer demographic). 

So consider scepticism my middle name, particularly when it comes to "functional beverages". 

Karma Wellness Water has been launched because of increase in demand for healthy beverages and brings a  new  kind  of  vitamin  water  to  the market  with  its  unique cap technology, so the spiel goes. 

Press a button on the cap and "KarmaCap releases formulated powdered vitamins and nutrients for consumers to enjoy fresh upon consumption". 

Statistics quoted by the Karma Water people state that  only  40%  of  vitamins  are absorbed  from  a  multi-vitamin  pill,whereas 90-95% of vitamins are consumed when dissolved in liquid. 

Another common issue found in pre-mixed vitamin drinks is the deterioration of vitamins over time as they are water-soluble and vitamins can degrade when exposed to UV rays, oxygen and/or heat (presumably a major issue in Australia). 

So the KarmaCap stores the powdered vitamin and nutrient mix and only releases it to be mixed with the water when you are ready. 

That's it for the science. I have no idea whether it is BS or not. I did, however, expect my drink to taste, well, powdery. 

Shake well and it actually tastes pretty good for something that is allegedly so healthy. 

There are three launch brands: Orange Mango for “sharper thinking”; Acai Pomberry (there is really no such thing as a pomberry) as an “immunity booster” and Passionfruit Green Tea for “mood elevation”. 

The blurb says Karma Wellness Water "fulfils its promise of truly being good for you, providing up to 100% or  more  of  the recommended daily  intake  of  many  essential  daily nutrients, minerals and vitamins; including B3, B6, B12, Niacin, C, E, A and D. 

And it contains "90% less sugar (2 to 4 grams) compared to other functional beverages. And it contains only 22 calories. 

All of which is cool. But the main thing for me is that the Orange Mango and Pomberry tasted pretty good and were refreshing. End of story - unless someone can disprove the science. 

Karma Wellness Water is available at cafes, convenience stores, pharmacies etc with an RRP of $4.45 for 600mL bottle. 

# Disclosure: I was sent three sample bottles of water 

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