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Friday 9 August 2013

Why you should visit Tasmania sooner rather than later

A remarkable number of people I met at the Tasmania Unbottled wine tastings over the past 10 days said they planned to visit Tasmania later in the year.

With Tourism Tasmania about to launch an impressive new marketing campaign, it may pay them (and anyone else with their heart set on heading to the Apple Island), to book sooner rather than later. 

Tasmania is an island with a finite number of flights/ferries, hotel rooms and hire cars; so if you really must fly on a Friday or want to stay at a specific hotel, then time may be of the essence.
The second phase of the Go Behind The Scenery campaign will debut on Sunday across print, online and other media and was launched today by Tourism Minister Scott Bacon and Tourism Tasmania marketing director Kathryn McCann. 

The new campaign aims to show people how easy it is to book a Tasmanian holiday in spring and offers several directly bookable itineraries.    

The new campaign focuses on four themes; walking, food and drink, heritage and arts and culture with each of these themes supported by three-, seven- and 14-day travel itineraries.

One major change is from food and wine to food and drink, emphasizing that Tasmania also offers tourists the chance to sample artisan ciders, craft beers and whiskies, along with its well-known cool-climate wines. 

Take a peek at the details of the new campaign before it goes public:
and check out the online link here:

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