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Friday 5 July 2024

Another British Airways flight goes nowhere

British Airways is nothing if not consistent.

For the second month running BA passengers have spent hours in the air before being deposited back where they started from.

The latest hours-long ‘flight to nowhere’ was caused by an in-flight "technical issue", Travel Mole reports.

Flight BA31 was en route from London Heathrow to Hong Kong earlier this week before turning around and heading back to Heathrow, where it landed safely.

The flight had got as far as flying over Turkmenistan when the pilot made a U-turn. Overall the flight was in the air for 11 hours.

“The flight returned to London Heathrow as a precaution due to a minor technical issue,” the airline said.

“It landed safely and customers disembarked as normal. We’ve apologised for the disruption to their journey.” An apology! How generous of them.

This latest stuff up followed last month's BA 8,000km flight to nowhere over the Atlantic.

The Heathrow flight bound for Houston turned around near the US-Canada border after a technical fault. It also returned to home base.

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