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Monday 17 May 2021

Try a little kindness with your glass of wine

Choosing a bottle of wine is more confusing than ever. There have never been more option to choose from - and now wine drinkers are being encouraged to do their bit for the planet when they buy a bottle or two. 

From donating to save endangered cheetahs to helping plant native trees and shrubs, wine producers - both big and small - are pulling at your heartstrings.

Take Kimbolton, a family winery established back in 1947 in Langhorne Creek. 

Their 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon (a nifty little drink for $28) is adorned with a lovely picture of a cheetah with a note that each purchase of the cabernet sauvignon helps support Zoos SA, a charity helping to keep alive the cheetah population - of which there are only 7,000 left in the wild. 

Monarto Safari Park works with cheetahs both in Australia and Africa. 

Or take Banrock Station (above), which has committed to planting 100,00 native trees and shrubs each year in partnership with Landcare Australia. 

Over the past 20 years, Banrock Station - known for offering great value - have been committed to environmental causes, contributing over $6 million to projects that help conserve the planet.

"Supporting biodiversity and animal habitats, clean air and water, while responding to the impcats of changing climate and deforestation, the new initiative will see thousands of trees and shrubs planted each year," the press release says. 

Dr Shane Norrish, CEO at Landcare Australia, says: "We have worked closely with Banrock Station for many years on projects in Australia."

Which is a really good thing.

Other wineries partnering with charities to do good include Taylors, who are helping conserve seahorses; Hidden Sea, which has pledged to remove the equivalent of 10 plastic bottles from the ocean for every bottle sold and Shingleback with its new "The Bio Project" range of wines for Coles, aimed at boosting native revegetation. 



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  1. It’s great to see wineries making a difference - well done 👍