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Monday, 24 May 2021

Meet a beer that ticks all the dietary boxes

Dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances can be a nightmare for restaurants and bars. 

In addition to vegetarian and vegan requirements there are guests who need gluten-free food and drinks, who are allergic to dairy products or perhaps on a Paleo diet, or with religious, or perhaps cultural, imperatives. 

Winemakers make a point nowadays of saying if their drinks are vegan-friendly and now Tribe Brewers are doing their bit to help coeliacs.

Earlier this month was a celebration of International Coeliac Day; the perfect toast being Wilde Beers newest release: Wilde Crisp Lager.

This beer features pure sorghum to ensure it is 100% gluten free (GF), as well as being all natural and vegan friendly, as well as low carb. It is endorsed by Coeliac Australia and certified FODMAP friendly.

The Wilde brewing team, based out of Tribe Breweries' headquarters in Goulburn, tweaked, tasted, and refined their beer recipes.

“Our brewers have been working around the clock to create the recipe and find a unique way of processing the sorghum in the beer, in order to improve its mouthfeel, maintain head retention and yet still keep a crisp and refreshing taste," says Roland Thiemann, head of innovation at Tribe Breweries.

"Carefully selected kettle hops improve the flavour, so you are left with a clean and refreshing drop that tastes just as good as its gluten-based counterparts.

“Sorghum is frequently overlooked by beer producers, because of the difficulties to brew with it. What many people don’t realise, however, is that sorghum actually has many great health benefits and is highly nutritious with good amount of iron, but also, it is the better choice for our farmers!

"Since sorghum is drought resistant and demands significantly less water than other grains, it makes it the perfect base from which to brew Wilde Crisp Lager.”

Wilde Gluten Free Crisp Lager is available from leading retailers including First Choice and Liquorland, at an RRP of $21 per six-pack. 

# It tastes pretty good, too. Fresh, crisp, dry lager with plenty of citrusy zing. If you enjoy rieslings then you’ll like this. Great with honey-roasted nuts 


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