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Saturday 27 February 2021

Jailed: one of the dumbest families in Britain

The Byng family thought they would try to recoup the costs of their package holiday to the Canary Islands by taking legal for the food poisoning they alleged they suffered on their trip. 

Their case fell apart when they failed to consider all the social media posts they had published having a good time on the trip - and in the end their stupidity ended them in jail. 

The four holidaymakers who claimed they picked up a gastric illness while on a Jet2holidays package were identified as fraudsters. 

The court was shown them using the waterslide, swimming in the pool and drinking in the bar - all while they claimed to be sick, Travel Mole reported.

Christopher Byng, 38, Barbara Byng, 64, Linda Lane, 36, and Anthony Byng 66, all from Middlesbrough, were convicted of contempt of court at Teesside Combined Court after admitting to submitting false gastric illness claims.

The Byngs were jailed for four months while Lane received a suspended sentence.

The four claimed that they, and the two children they were travelling with, had all suffered with stomach cramps, sickness, diarrhoea, headaches and hot and cold sweats as a result of food poisoning on an all-inclusive holiday at the Paradise Lago Taurito & Waterpark, Gran Canaria (above), in November 2016.

They then issued court proceedings, which were defended by Jet2holidays.

During investigations, Jet2holidays and law firm, Horwich Farrelly,  discovered evidence which showed the claims were fabricated.

The evidence included a number of social media posts from the family, including images and video footage of them enjoying themselves on holiday despite claiming to be ill.

This included the family using the waterslide, swimming in the pool and drinking in the bar. No mention or sign of any illness was made, despite the severe symptoms they claimed to have been suffering.

Christopher Byng also made no mention of the illness in a post-holiday survey, saying he was 'very satisfied' with the choice, cleanliness and quality of meals at the hotel.

Asked in the survey whether he was likely to book with Jet2holidays again in the next 12 months?' he responded 'very likely'. 

The Byng family are not very bright. 

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