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Tuesday 9 February 2021

A little slice of Munich in South Melbourne

You might not be able to enjoy pretzels and beer in Munich right now, but a new South Melbourne venue is promising the next best thing: German street food.

Little Hof will deliver pork knuckle from the the rotisserie, German sausages on the barbecue and pretzels from the oven, matched with a cold Bavarian beer. 

Situated in the heart of one of the city’s most important food markets, South Melbourne Market, Little Hof aims to create an authentic, European food experience. 

Little Hof is the latest venue from the team behind the iconic German Bierhall Hofbrauhaus Melbourne in the heart of Chinatown, and The Hof Downtown. 

Home to the oldest Hofbrauhaus outside of Europe, Melbourne’s strong ties with German cuisine inspired the team to venture into the street food market. 

"We want to bring back that memory from [customers’] last European trip and surprise people with [their] food,” says the publicity blurb. 

Executive chef Sunny Gilbert (formerly of MoVida, TGI Friday and Oriental Teahouse) says the menu will combine traditional recipes with local ingredients and some imported from Germany. 

“The food is as German as it gets," he said. "We are not here to pretend we are anything or anyone else.” 

Signature dishes will include pork knuckle from the rotisserie - slowly roasted on the bone with crispy crackling and served on a bed of sauerkraut, mustard and gherkins - along with currywurst. 

The beer selection is imported straight from Bavaria and Austria, paying homage to the authentic European market experience. 

“Our philosophy is to support only family-owned breweries, to protect the industry from the take over of shareholder-driven global companies,” says Little Hof general manager, Phillipp Hockenberger. 

One wall of Little Hof is dedicated purely to telling the story of German Street Food - featuring images of a Berlin sausage vendor in 1908, a pretzel saleswoman at the 1920 Oktoberfest and the location where currywurst was invented. 

Little Hof is at 0/116 Cecil St, South Melbourne. It is open 9am- 9:30pm Wednesday-Saturday. 

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