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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Staying overnight at Hobart Airport

There are not too many options for accommodation if you have a crack of dawn flight out of Hobart Airport. 

You can stay in town and lose 30 minutes of sleep, or stay at the Hobart Airport Travelodge, which I have done twice in the past month, paying full freight on both occasions. 

Not that full freight costs too much: $119 a night for a clean and modern hotel room with free wifi, a flat-screen TV and tea- and coffee-making facilities. 

It is a comfortable enough hotel, just a kilomete from the terminal with a free shuttle bus link. 


On both occasions I stayed my "double bed" was two singles pushed together and despite a deposit having been taken the mini bar was empty. 

The hotel restaurant serves a safe, but tasty menu. Crumbed fish and chips with a crisp salad for $24; a glass of Norfolk Rise pinot grigio for $8. The wine list is awful considering where we are. 

There is also the ridiculous cheapskatery that airline frequent flyer points are only awarded when a room costs $120 or more a night. 

Shame TFE hotels when the rack rate is $119. 

Overall, however, this is functional but pleasant enough place to spend a night. No more. No less. 

Hobart Airport Travelodge, 1 Holyman Drive, Cambridge. (03) 6248 3555


  1. You were lucky! When I stayed at the beginning of June it cost me $180 for the night. But I did have a queen sized bed.. I have to say that the night in Brisbane, the Kingsford Smith Motel for my stopover was only $120 and had much better access to restaurants etc. at Portside. I'll lose sleep next time I think as $180 just for a bed is crazy!

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