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Sunday 31 July 2016

God bless the baby cheeses. All you need to know and more.

Nick Haddow is the face of cheese in Australia. 

Since founding Bruny Island Cheese on a rugged island off the east coast of Tasmania in 2003, he has established a reputation as one of Australia's finest cheese makers, a trailblazer for quality and someone who is prepared to speak out on a range of topics. 

He is familiar to television viewers as one of Matthews Evans' sidekicks on the Gourmet Farmer TV series on SBS and was the first legally recognised producer of raw milk cheese in Australia.

He has co-written two books with Evans and Ross O’Meara: The Gourmet Farmer Deli Book and Gourmet Farmer Goes Fishing.

Now, at a time when artisan cheese is under increasing pressure from big industrial companies, he has released a book on cheese. How to choose it, serve it and eat it. 

Milk.Made. takes readers on a journey from farm to fromagerie and beyond. 

Along with photographer Alan Benson, Haddow visits internationally renowned cheese makers in Australia, France, the UK, Switzerland and the US, learning cheese-making secrets from around the globe. 

The publicity blurb says he "takes readers behind the scenes, sharing the history, and busting the myths". And for once the blurb is truthful.

The book features 70 recipes that allow gourmets to experiment at home, from fondues to cheesecakes. The layout is excellent, the photos evocative, the prose sensible and easily understood. 

My only complaint is that the cover, while clever, is a little dull. But you can't judge a book by its cover, can you? 

Milk.Made by Nick Haddow is published by Hardie Grant Books. $55.

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