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Thursday 21 July 2016

A taste of all four corners of Thailand

A couple of months ago I stayed at the Rembrandt Hotel in Bangkok and was impressed by the culinary offerings; particularly the presence of authentic Mexican and Indian restaurants. 

Now the hotel is putting a spotlight on Thai cuisine - with the emphasis on the point that there is actually no such thing. 

Different regions of Thailand produce diverse regional specialities as will be reinforced by the new buffet dinner, which will be held every Thursday from 6.30pm at the hotel's Red Pepper restaurant. 

The luxury 407-room hotel bills the culinary journey across the four regions of the Kingdom of Siam accompanied by live traditional Thai music as A Taste of Thailand.

The presentation will feature key dishes from North, North-East, Central and Southern regions presented in a traditional style.

Prices are THB 433 net per person ($16.50) with half price for children and complimentary for a child accompanied by two paying adults.

Highlights include Sai krog e-sarn (Issan sausage), Nhaem see krong moo and Kao soy gai from the North; Kao tang nah tang (crispy rice cracker with coconut dip) from Central Thailand; Kanom jeen nam yah from the South; and a choice of desserts. 

Selected Thai beers at $3.50 a bottle and a variety of local wines (yes there are Thai wines) are available.

"We wanted to create an outstanding presentation of cuisine that showcased world-famous Thailand food," said hotel general manager Eric Hallin.

"The challenge was to develop exquisite, authentic dishes prepared from the best available locally-sourced meats, seafood, rice, noodles, and garden-fresh vegetables and complement them with the earthy flavors, textures and rich aromas of Thailand."

He said all dishes featured in A Taste of Thailand were prepared traditionally.

For reservations, contact +66-2-261-7100 or book via or go to


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