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Tuesday 6 October 2015

Meet the iPhone gadget that you really need in an emergency

Imagine the joy if your iPhone 5 or 6 would work all day no matter how many photos you took, regardless of how many videos you shot and how many uploads you've made to social media. 
There can be few bigger frustrations than being ready to take that last great shot, or make an important call, only to find your mobile has just run out of power. 

Of course, you can trek around with power banks, wires and chargers to your heart's content, but what if you really, really need to make that call and there is no power point nearby. 

Imagine an iPhone gadget that not only more than doubles the amount of power you have on hand, but also has a solar panel that enables you to get enough charge into your phone to make that crucial call. 

I've been using my Enerplex Surfr for just a week now and it has already become a piece of equipment without which I do not leave home. 

This slightly bulky but very nifty 2,700 mAh case snaps on to your IPhone like several other similar gadgets with the plastic case providing protection and the integrated solar panel providing emergency solar charging. 

A micro USB port enables regular charging and data transfer and an LED battery indicator and LED solar charging indicator let you know exactly how much power you have at your disposal. 

Designed in the US and made in China,, the unit weighs just 180 grams and is easy to use, even for a technical no-hoper such as myself. It is available in a range of colours.

You can charge the Surfr in three hours or your phone and Surfr in six hours, while it can take up to 36 hours to charge using the solar unit - but hey, all you need is to take that one snap or make that crucial call. Perfect in an emergency and a great Christmas present. 

The RRP will be $134.99 when it makes it into the Australian market, but in the meantime...


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  1. Keen to know how the solar charger works. Some reports have questioned its effectiveness.