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Wednesday 15 July 2015

How I sold my soul for a jar of Maggie Beer jam

I can't make up my mind about Maggie Beer. 

Having met her a couple of times, she seems like a lovely lady with a commitment to quality food. 

Her Pheasant Farm pate is absolutely outstanding and her range of ice creams are downright delicious.

It just that she is omnipresent in the media. Switch on the TV and there she is. Walk into any book store, open any glossy food magazine and there she is. She has a love affair with cameras.  

So when a press release arrived about her apricot jam my first thought was to ignore it. The last thing the world needs, surely, is another story or blog about Maggie. 

I sent a snide, ungracious reply saying that it was not possible to write about a product I haven't tried.  

But then I thought about how much I enjoyed visiting her Farm Shop cafĂ© in the Barossa Valley; how good those pates are, the pleasure of her chocolate and salted caramel ice cream and the many times her quince paste has enlivened a cheese platter. 

So when the PR person ignored my grumpy nature and offered to send me a jar of the jam I caved. Pathetically. 

And it is darn good; chunky, fruity and flavoursome. No wonder she gets so much publicity. 

Ms Beer explains: “This is a jam for adult taste – made with apricots from our own heritage orchard; something that has been a dream of mine from our very first days in the Barossa. I love to spread this jam generously onto toast with lashings of butter, or team it with warm scones for a particularly Barossa take on afternoon tea." 

I used up the remainder of my jar with lashings of butter and freshly-made scones from Bees n Cheese at the Cygnet Market on Sunday. Delicious it was, too.

# The author is happy to declare he received a free jar of jam worth $9.95. 

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