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Wednesday 21 December 2022

Christmas just got even more materialistic

Christmas is supposed to be a time for caring and sharing but for a whole lot of people - particularly in the UK and US -it is all about the cash.

With the cost of living crisis affecting many, the people at ​did a survey of the most-wanted gifts this Christmas in several different countries.

The key message: Forget your thoughtful presents. Give me money. 

Major findings included:

# 44% of UK and 40% of US respondents reported wanting money as a gift this Christmas.

# Over a third of Polish respondents wanted money or gift vouchers and over two-fifths of Germans said the same.

# The most desired gifts in Italy at 44% are clothing, shoes and accessories.

#Cosmetics, perfume and body care items were the most desired among UK women at 55%.

#33% of US respondents reported gaming consoles to be the hardest gift to find this year.

# Plants (42.4%), beauty items (40%) and liquor (34%) were found to be the least-desired gifts for Christmas this year.

"Clearly, there has been a shift this year from material possessions, with more people placing value on either the independence to buy what they want – or, a need for cash to hand in a world of rising costs across the board,” says Jonathan Merry, CEO of

Australia was not among the nations surveyed. 
Here is the link to the full report should you wish to depress yourself: 

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