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Wednesday 28 December 2022

American Express fails the common sense test


American Express take a bow. 

AmEx joins my list of major corporations that have failed to deliver even basic customer service in 2022. 

You'd think with technology improving in leaps and bounds that these big companies would be improving their offerings. Yet customer service varies from pathetic to non-existent. 

Among the major companies that have completely failed this year are Air Canada (incompetent beyond belief), and Qantas/nib travel insurance (ridiculously slow and deliberately obstructuctive). 

Throw in the Westin Harbor Castle Hotel in Toronto with its lamentable under-staffing and the inability of AirAsia to resolve issues with its absurdly named SuperApp, and I had plenty of issues with big companies during the year. 

But American Express must take the annual award for corporate stupidity. 

My monthly statement arrived today (December 28). And it must be paid by December 30, or I face a financial penalty for late payment. As AmEx puts it: "To minimise further interest charges". Even though I am actually not in arrears. 

But I have two days to pay, which is not only absurd, but you would think is also illegal. 

What a pity their "membership benefits" do not include some common sense. 

All those highly paid operatives and high-tech computer systems and it was beyond these boffins to send out their statements before the Christmas period, or to extend the payment period. 

Or perhaps no one told them that Australia Post takes a few days off during the holiday. 

Or maybe, which I strongly suspect, they simply don't give a shit. What a bunch of arsehats. 



  1. If you log into your Amex members area online they have an option to receive your statement via email which is far faster and easier. You can also view PDF versions of all past statements.

    You can then schedule a payment and choose the payment date from within the same members area.

    A much easier to manage system than that with my other banks.


  2. I assume this is a one-off issue. As a matter of interest I found the level of service by AMEX when my account was compromised to be exceptional.
    Ps. All regular travellers I know pay 'all' accounts by direct debit.