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Monday 16 November 2020

New book celebrates Qantas' 100th birthday

It is a memorable day for Qantas, which is marking a century since its first flight.

Through never-before-seen photographs and historical detail from Qantas’s archives, new book The Flying Kangaroo tells the story of Qantas’s evolution from a wild idea by two hobbyists to world-renowned airline.

Qantas (which stands for Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services) began by connecting Australians across western Queensland’s unforgiving terrain - but soon was connecting Australia with the world.

It went from carrying mostly mail to flying 50 million people a year.

Qantas’s history is entwined with Australian identity, launching in the aftermath of World War I and the Spanish Flu, and soaring to match Australian ambitions in the one hundred years since. 

Its centenary year has been the most turbulent year yet, with a pandemic grounding virtually the entire fleet and Qantas coming to the rescue of Australians stranded overseas.

The Flying Kangaroo, written by Neil Montagnana-Wallace, commemorates a century of Australian aviation. 

Qantas defines air travel in Australia having seen off several rivals.  

The Flying Kangaroo: 100 Years of Qantas (Affirm Press and Bounce Books) is available online at Booktopia and where good books are sold. $49.99.

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