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Sunday 1 November 2020

Australians warned: Do not go to dangerous US

The Australian Government has warned its citizens against visiting the United States as it has become too dangerous under the leadership of President Donald Trump ahead f the presidential election.

The Australian Government's Department of Trade and Foreign Affairs website says: "Protests and demonstrations continue in several US cities. Avoid areas where protests are occurring due to the ongoing potential for violence."

Australians are also advised to: "Monitor the media for information and updates. Follow the instructions of local authorities.

"Covid-19 remains a serious health risk. Various restrictions and public health measures are in place and vary by location.

"We advise: Do not travel to the United States of America, including Alaska, Puerto Rico and the Hawaiian Islands."

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  1. Winsor, site also says do not travel to UK, the EU and so on. Infact its do not travel full stop.