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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Sunday, 25 October 2020

UPDATE: Why paper diaries remain popular

Like most people I use a mobile phone and my laptop to diarise my appointments. 

And most the time they sync perfectly and remind me about a Zoom wine tasting, or an appointment with the optometrist. 

Twice recently I've added appointments to my iPhone calendar. One vanished without a trace - the other shifted itself to a completely unrelated date. 

Which is why it is not only Luddites who keep written diary on their desk. There is something comforting about a classy paper diary - and it will not be subject to tech glitches no matter how many power failures you suffer from. 

That's why paper diaries have not only survived into the digital era, they have continued to thrive.

Paper diaries have been updated for the 21st century and what were once blank pages are now printed in an assortment of useful layouts which tell us what to write, where, and when. 

Whether it be for keeping you on schedule for meetings, organising a daily task list or simply reflecting on and noting down events of the day, keeping a handwritten diary remains a thing. 

Studies have shown, also, that the physical act of handwriting can have positive effects on memory retention – so you’re less likely to forget that meeting you had scheduled. 

Collins Debden, global leaders in stationery, diaries and planers recently sent me a lovely 2021 diary and notebook - along with a second pair to give away to one lucky reader of Gourmet on the Road. 

There are many different styles in the Collins Debden range, but I particularly like the Metropolitan Notebooks Sydney range - premium products without the hefty price tag. 

The diary has a vertical week view and three-year planners, a list of international holidays, international dialling codes and a time-zone map and is printed on premium Japanese Kinmari paper. There is room for making notes, too.

The sleek notebook design looks very professional with a premium bonded-leather cover and smooth finish, available in in both tan and charcoal. Prices start from $23.50. 

Collins diaries date back to Scotland in 1819 - meaning they have been used over two centuries. 

The full Collins range is available at Officeworks, newsagencies, bookstores and quality stationery stockists across Australia, or online at www.collinsdebden.com.au.

# The winner of our competition was P. Flinn of Barwon Heads in Victoria, whose prize is on its way. 

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