East Coast Wine Trail

East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Why it is so tempting to break the law in Sydney

Sydney is one big building site right now. 

In addition to what seems like never-ending work on the light rail track down George St, there are various other constructions, demolitions and road changes going on.

Unfortunately for pedestrians, and particularly visitors who are not familiar with the city's traffic foibles, the red lights have not been programmed to keep up with the changes. 

On a visit to Sydney last week I stood several times waiting endlessly for traffic lights to change when there was zero approaching traffic.

Within a day I was taking my chances and jaywalking. Life is too short to stand on a Sydney street corner listening to the noise, chaos and tooting horns of frustrated drivers. 

I was, I noted, not alone in this egregious breaking of the law. 

But beating the light has its risks - financial ones. 

NSW Police Force officers, apparently without any more serious crimes to prosecute, can regularly be seen fining impatient people unwilling to waste their day hoping a light will eventually change from red to green. 

With a fine setting you back $75 this is hardly good PR - visitors must be absolutely baffled by Sydney's ripped up pavements and "no go" areas. 

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