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East Coast Wine Trail
East Coast Wine Trail

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Warning: nutter on board

Passengers on board an American Airlines flight from Minneapolis to Phoenix were this week subjected to a passenger walking up and down the aisles, swearing, spraying liquid and striking some of them. 

After the plane landed at Phoenix the man opened the plane door and jumped out, injuring himself slightly. He was taken into custody by Phoenix police.

Flight crew had called ahead for assistance due to his erratic behaviour. The 25-year had been walking down the aisle touching other passengers' faces and spraying them with an unknown liquid, Travel Mole reported. 

"Once the flight arrived at the gate, the passenger opened one of the doors and jumped off the aircraft," the airline said.

"He landed on the ground approximately 10 feet below, sustaining minor injuries. Workers at the airport stopped the man and he was taken into custody by Phoenix Police officers without incident,"  Phoenix Police said in a statement.

The man is facing trespass charges, although other passengers involved declined to press charges.

That I find hard to believe. If a lunatic ruined my flight and sprayed me with liquid I'd certainly want him charged. 

And what of the American Airlines flight crew? Why had they not restrained him, for the good of both other passengers and his own safety? 

American idiots. 

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  1. If he'd so much as whispered the 'N' word, he would have been trussed like a pig and offloaded at the next airport.