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Wednesday 1 February 2017

The return of the Sturmtrooper; a cider with personality

If you order a cider called the Sturmtrooper you are unlikely to expect a pale, delicate flower of a beverage. 

This macho-sounding seasonal release from Willie Smith's Organic Cider in the Huon Valley of Tasmania is a special blend based on the Sturmer Pippin apple - hence its name. 

It's available only on tap - and only in major cities right now. 

Wild-fermented Sturmer Pippin juice along with 15 cider apple varieties and two table varieties has what the good folk at Willie Smith's describe as "more body than Jabba the hut", with racy acidity. I'll be popping by the Willie Smith’s Apple Shed this week for a taste.

“We are on a journey to excite people's palates and enable them to explore the range of flavours traditional cider apples offer as against the relatively homogenous styles offered by mainstream ciders,” says Sam Reid, co-Founder of Willie Smith’s. 

“At the same time we want to start bringing some level of consistency to our limited releases, and so those that have really excited drinkers we are endeavouring to repeat annually, as our apple crop allows.” 

Sturmer apples are a heritage variety of apples that have high acidity and pronounced tannins.  

Head cider maker Dr Tim Jones said: "The excitement with last year's release was met with really blew us away and so this year we have tried to ensure the second release matches the lively crisp summer drinking style of the first."

STURMTrooper - Venues

Scratch Bar; Brewski; Bloodhound Bar; The Burrow and The Mill on Constance

The Royal Albert; Noble Hops; The Welcome; The Local Taphouse; Bitter Phew and Wayward Brewing

Boilermaker House; Brunswick Street Cider House; Two Birds Brewery – The Nest; Carwyn Cellars; Foresters Hall; Wandiligong Hotel; The Alehouse Project and Hop Nation Brewery 

The Whaler; The Winston; St John Craft Beer; Jack Greene; The New Sydney; West End Pumphouse and Willie Smith’s Apple Shed

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