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Friday 10 February 2017

Adventurous brewer releases Australia's first lentil craft beer

Believe it or not, Australia's first lentil beer has been released by a craft brewery in the Adelaide Hills.

Lobethal Bierhaus’s new Lentil Pale Ale was launched this week - in tiny quantities as part of a collaboration with pulse processor AGT Foods.

Around 3,500 bottles and two kegs are part of the first run but the brewery sees it as a first step towards producing a gluten-free craft beer.

Whole and diamond-cut red lentils with grey seed coats are used as an adjunct and are milled with the with the grain at the rate of 30% lentils, 70% barley.

Head brewer and owner Alistair Turnbull although the lentils did not produce fermentable sugars, they added mouthfeel, head retention and flavour to the beer.

“I would describe it as a fairly earthy flavour that we’ve balanced with local hops that match with it," said Turnbull. "But we’ve also tried to make sure that we haven’t made it overly bitter or hoppy so it hides the lentil flavour.”

The brew follows a collaboration between AGT Foods’ Canadian parent company and Rebellion Brewing Company  in Regina, Saskatchewan, to brew a Lentil Cream Ale.

“They put me in touch with the Canadian brewery to pass on some of their research and the beer we have released was the result of that,” Turnbull said.

“I’m already really impressed with how it behaves. What it does for the beer is fantastic."

Lobethal Bierhaus opened in 2007 in the Adelaide Hills town of Lobethal, about 40km east of the South Australian capital Adelaide.

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