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Saturday, 1 October 2016

To enjoy all things Australian, head for the south of France

For Kangaroos, white wallabies, Australian parrots, boomerangs, emus and mechanical bull rides all roads head to the south of France. To just outside of Carcassone to be precise.

It is here that you will find one of the most unlikely tourism attractions in Europe; a theme park devoted to all things Aussie. 

The Parc Australien boasts that it is "interactive, surprising and impossible to ignore" and its attractions include an "Aboriginal zone" that it advertises by using a cartoon character that looks more like a golliwog than an indigenous Australian. 

Visitors are told they can ride mechanical bull or throw a boomerang, try playing a didgeridoo, or perhaps visit the wooden "Sheriff Office". Unfortunately the boomerangs appear to be made of orange plastic  

Visits to see kangaroos and other Australian natives offer "direct contact with the animals" and you can also "pan for gold". 

The brochure made it all look so awful that I could not find the time to go, but should you be in the area and find your curiousity piqued, you can find all the details at

I'd love to hear if it quite as awful as the brochure makes it seem. 

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