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Wednesday 5 October 2016

A new red wine that is uniquely Australian

The wine industry is full of claims of "world firsts" and "unique" blends, but Liz and Brett Barnes at Star Lane Wines in Beechworth, Victoria, actually do appear to have come up with something completely different with their Elements Shiraz. 

Winemaker Liz and viticulturist Barnes are celebrating a decade in the industry with a "world-first" shiraz that is matured in barrels made of salvaged and kiln-dried Australian red gum hardwood.

There is a bit of hype involved here, with a press release claiming Star Lane have "carved themselves a place in history" and are "raising the bar for winemakers worldwide". 

And as the 2013 Elements Shiraz retails for $400 a bottle, this is certainly not a wine for everyone. 
“We always knew we wanted to try the red gum barrel but we also knew we needed to build a name for ourselves first that people could trust and respect," Liz Barnes says. "Having earned that respect over the last decade, we’re now ready to push the boundaries and show that it’s OK to try something that’s different from what everyone else is doing.” 

Barnes says the wine "tastes far fuller and more mature than its actual vintage as a result of the higher porosity and increased breathability of the red gum barrel". 

Her family has been involved with the red gum timber industry for four generations and she now continues that tradition. 

The first vintage, in 2012, was limited to 300 bottles and Liz and Brett are now set to release their 2013 wine, which they says has attracted even higher demand both here and in international markets. 

Star Lane’s Elements Shiraz comes in  a hand-made red gum box and is presented on locally sourced merino wool. 

If you are looking for something different, and expensive, visit 

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