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Thursday 25 August 2016

Now Siri can change the light settings in your hotel room

Ever stayed in a hotel room where you've found it impossible to adjust the air-conditioning when it gets too warm at night, or been unable to turn all the lights off without a tour of several switches? 

Now Siri can come to your aid, fixing problems like this through an in-room iPad. 

Aloft Hotels, which employs a robot butler in a couple of its US properties, today unveiled the futuristic-sounding Aloft voice-activated hotel rooms. 

Simply by saying “Hey Siri”, guests are now able to control key in-room functions including temperature, lighting, and more simply with the sound of their voice. 

The pilot scheme has launched at the Aloft Boston Seaport and Aloft Santa Clara hotels.

Each Aloft voice-activated hotel room is equipped with an iPad running a custom Aloft app used for controlling the in-room guest experience. 

"Forget the phrase ‘at the touch of your fingertips.’ Today’s early adopter, hyper-connected global traveler wants a level of personalization unlike ever before, and that means being able to control their hotel experience with the sound of their voice,” says Brian McGuinness, who goes by the absurd title of Global Brand Leader, Aloft Hotels. 

“We’re thrilled to be the first hotel brand to bring voice-activation to our guests in this way, using Siri to control room temperature, lighting and more during their stay.”
When guests arrive, they will launch a custom Aloft app on their in-room iPad to control various aspects of their voice-activated room. A personalized welcome screen will advise guests on how to set up their room and use their own voice with “Hey Siri.” 

Each iPad also offers a simple tutorial to guide guests through the set-up process and answer any questions they may have.

The app will be able to switch the room temperature, adjust all the lighting, set the music and volume levels or get advice on local attractions. 

The new app, part of Project:Jetson, also allows guests to browse the internet and check the weather. 

Aloft Hotels now has over 100 hotels in 16 countries around the world and is part of the Starwood group.

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