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Friday 24 June 2016

Why I'm so happy I won't be at the Olympics

I've only been to Brazil once. And only to Rio de Janeiro.

It was a long time ago, but I found it the same threatening, disorganised mess that those going to the Olympic Games are going to find. 

It's a big city with a lawlessness problem. I was robbed of my jeans on the beach and had some white muck sprayed at my shoes so that some spiv from a favela could charge me to clean them. 

Two bad experiences in one destination. I'm a pretty savvy traveller and can't recall being caught out twice anywhere else.

Anyway, I didn't like Brazil, didn't think much of Brazilians and left early. Never to return. 

Then, today, I received a charming email from a Brazilian, Ana Lucia Fernandez, who asked: "As you know, this August (5-21) the Olympic Games will be held in Rio, Brazil, and I wondered if you were considering doing a feature on the country, its culture (which includes food and drink of course!) or any Brazilian traditions?" 

Well no, I wasn't other than possibly to advise people to either stay away or be very much on their guard if they do go. 

Ana Lucia says: "Our company, Brazilian Style Imports, is the major importer of Brazilian food, beverage and barbecue equipment products in Australia. I am actually Brazilian myself and would love to help with any general information you may need about Brazil and its culture, food etc. I can also assist with traditional Brazilian recipes, authentic culinary product samples and more."

I've eaten Brazilian food a few times, and while it is overly meat focused, it is very tasty. 

So if you are looking for any Brazilian gear like, say guava paste (above), or want to hold a Brazilian-style party, take a look at the website

# The author used to be a sports writer and has covered Olympic Games in Moscow, Los Angeles and Sydney. 

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