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Wednesday 8 June 2016

A bed issue that makes hotel guests irate

It is a sin that an ever-increasing number of hotels are guilty of committing.

You book a king or queen room because you want a big bed - but you don't get what you have paid for.

It happened to me at the Hobart Airport Travelodge - otherwise a clean and well-priced hotel - earlier this week.

What you get instead is two single beds pushed together - covered by double blankets and sheets.

If you are travelling solo and wanted to stretch out then you find a ridge or gully halfway across the bed.

If there are two of you then the ridge/gap can be annoyance.

It is easy to understand why hotels do this.

They can easily switch the room configuration to two singles if that is what is needed.

But it is a move that comes at the expense of other guests' comfort - and means they don't get what they have booked and paid for.

If you order a double or king bed when you book should you just shrug your shoulders and take what you are given, or should you ask for a switch of room?

Your thoughts?

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