Friday, 13 May 2016

How hard can it be to be hospitable?

I checked into a motel in Hobart earlier this week - just for one night as I was attending a concert.

I'd never stayed before so had no expectations, positive or other, except for the fact that the hotel seemed to have trouble processing my credit card when I booked. Which was tiresome.

The location was good, the room was comfortable, the TV and the free wifi worked and I was happy with what I paid, but I probably won't be going back to that motel - and I certainly won't be recommending it on my blog. The reason? The attitude of the woman on reception. 

She was vacuuming the lobby when I checked in at 5pm - and seemed a little miffed to be interrupted. 

She gabbled through some complicated instructions about where I should park my car, but otherwise showed zero interest in her "guest". As I was a little wind-blown I felt that she was looking down on me, not considering me worthy of staying in her establishment. As for a smile; forget it.

How hard is it for people in the hospitality industry to be a little hospitable? A welcoming smile, a friendly word can make a lot of difference to a guest's experience.

I have no idea whether this woman was an owner or an employee. If it is the former I guess she is bored with being an hotelier. If it is the latter then she should probably look for a career in another field.

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  1. I once told a snarly manager "this hospitality thing is not really your bag is it?"