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Thursday 14 April 2016

There's a new scam in town

From the same people who brought you the "temple is closed" yarn and the "hotel fully booked" scam comes a new rort that leaves hapless tourists with nowhere to turn.

This scam involves a well-dressed couple with a happy child dancing alongside them on a busy city sidewalk.

No one would give them a second glance.

Except the child collides with you, quickly, deftly, snatching your wallet, or in my case my iPhone, from my pocket.

Fortunately I was on to them. The child still had my iPhone in its hand.

The parents, of course, expressed sorrow and amazement that such a thing could have occurred. They spoke faux sternly to the child, who handed back my phone.

It is close to being the perfect scam. If they get away with it they are home free. If the angry tourist rounds on them they plead innocence. 

And if the tourist manages to call the police then they can hardly change a four-year-old who made "a mistake".

Ingenious. And one to watch out for. Bangkok today, who knows where tomorrow? 

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