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Tuesday 15 December 2015

Australia gets its own unique spirit: meet Vantage

France has its cognacs, armagnacs and calvados, Scotland has its whiskies, Germany its schnapps and the Caribbean islands an assortment of flavoursome and potent rums.

Several European countries. led by the Russians, have benchmark vodkas, South Africa has its unique cane spirit and Mexico has tequila; but until now Australia has not had a spirit to call its own.

Usher in Australia's first unique spirit: Vantage Australia. Like South Africa's Mainstay it has a sugar cane spirit base, which is flavoured with Australian botanicals, lemon myrtle and Tasmanian mountain pepperberries along with a hint of mandarin oil from Australian-produced imperial mandarins.

It packs a fair old whack at 37% alcohol.  
The new spirit, distilled in Nowra, NSW, and inspired by Australian flora, is designed to be enjoyed on the rocks, or in a range of cocktails (it comes with its own cocktail recipe book). 

Vantage is available in two sizes; a 700ml bottle ($54.99) and a one-litre bottle ($68), which reflects the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge and city skyscape. 

Both sizes feature 3D designs on a frosted bottle. 

The spirit is promoted as having "a unique smoky flavour and zesty citrus notes". 

Vantage Australia director and founder of 1770 Spirit of a Nation, the company behind the brand, Bill Hargitay, recommends Vantage Australia and tonic or replacing rum for Vantage Australia in a daquiri or mojito.

For more details visit or buy via Dan Murphy's

But what does it taste like? 

We had between 30-40 people round on Christmas Eve, and around 15 were willing to try it. 

To my amazement the reaction was universally positive. From "delicious" to, from three people, "where do I buy it". 

It looks like we could have a winner.  

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