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Wednesday 2 September 2015

Your own wifi hotspot saves time and money

Using global roaming to access the Internet on your mobile telephone or iPad can be a very expensive mistake. 

I know. I once ended up with an $800 bill for checking a few emails in New Zealand. 

So what if there were a way to make sure that you had unlimited wifi wherever you went at a cost of just a few dollars a day?

No more having to make sure your hotel doesn't charge $30 a day for sluggish wifi, and no lurking outside cafes trying to pilfer their signal.  

No more making sure your phone is unlocked and stocking up on (and constantly swapping) local SIM cards. 

There is a way now - one I've been using very successfully on my current trip to France. 

My Webspot is advertised as "the perfect internet solution when travelling in Europe". 

The mini hotspot provides unlimited 4G internet access, enabling travellers to browse the internet anytime and  stay connected via Skype and social media apps. 

It works in cars and on trains and buses, meaning you can be online when it suits you.

Perfectly designed for families and large groups, it can connect up to 10 users simultaneously. 
My device was available for collection when I checked into my first hotel and was up and running within seconds. 

My Webspot is also available at various hotels and tourist agencies across Europe. You simply post it back the My Webspot people in a pre-paid envelope from the airport as you are returning home. 

It was my constant companion for almost three weeks and I'll be making sure I have one next time I'm in Europe. A big thumbs up.  

For more information and to rent a mobile hot spot visit: 

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