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Thursday 20 August 2015

Is this the perfect Father's Day present?

Take Haigh’s Chocolates, Australia’s oldest family-owned chocolate maker. Add Yalumba, Australia’s oldest family-owned winery, and Coopers, Australia’s oldest family-owned brewery, and you have what just might be the perfect Father's Day present. 

The three multi-generational family-owned businesses have unveiled a unique set of chocolates to be known as “The Collaboration”. 

A special hand-made box contains several of each of three special chocolates:

# 70% Dark Chocolate Truffle – featuring a special blend of chocolate made with South American, Pacific and African cocoa beans. The richly flavoured truffle centre has been hand rolled in layers of 70% dark chocolate and decorated with shimmering gold fleck.

# Antique Tawny Fig Liqueur – ripe Australia dried figs steeped in Yalumba Antique Tawny for two weeks. The fruit is then dipped into a tawny infused fondant, enrobed in two layers of milk chocolate and hand decorated.

# Stout Ganache - a dark chocolate ganache centre is flavoured with Coopers’ award-winning stout. A top layer of smooth malt frappe completes the centre which is enclosed in premium dark chocolate and decorated with bronze pearls.

The distinctive box, made by Adelaide company Box Biz, features a large ornate ‘C’ that incorporates cocoa pods, grape vines and hops, an illustrative representation of the three businesses. 

“We thought it was fitting to launch this special project during our centenary year - a milestone we now share with both companies and the new truffle is in fact also our Centenary chocolate and this is its first release” said Haigh’s Chocolates chief executive officer Alister Haigh.

“The three chocolates were developed over a 12-month period with our product development team working in close collaboration with key people from Coopers and Yalumba with one of the final chocolates also featuring figs from Adelaide Hills producer Willabrand and the box being made in Woodville North at Box Biz. It is a true South Australian product!”

Yalumba proprietor Robert Hill Smith said: "To join together with Haigh’s and Coopers to celebrate the Haigh family’s centenary is a pleasure knowing that our families have been friends for many generations. 

"We are proud of all that we have achieved in our 166 years of family winemaking and we continue to look at new ways to collaborate with those around us. Combined, there is more than 400 years of history, hard work and success at Yalumba, Haigh’s and Coopers - something of which we should all be extremely proud."

The Collaboration can be purchased at Haigh’s Chocolates stores in Adelaide, Sydney and Melbourne and online The RRP is $39.75. 

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