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Monday 24 August 2015

A pleasant and spicy surprise in Adelaide

I'm staying in the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Adelaide. It's an unremarkable chain hotel.

The staff are pleasant, with the exception of the cleaner who hammered on my room door at 9.20am and seemed miffed I was not long gone. The room is comfortable but unremarkable. It is somewhere to stay, but little more.

Located in Hindmarsh Square, the Crowne Plaza is a fair walk from most places you'd want to eat in Adelaide (particularly as it is very cold right now).

Arriving late last night I needed some fast food. There is a fairly grotty 24-hour Hungry Jack's around the corner, frequented by the types you'd expect to eat at an all-night burger joint. If the burgers are better at Hungry Jacks then you have to wonder what exactly they are being compared to.

I discovered that an "Angry Whopper" is a burger stuffed with insipid Jalapenos. It was not a patch on a Big Mac, let alone a real burger.

Fortunately tonight is Monday and another place around the corner is Sukhumvit Soi 38, which sells "Thai street food." It is packed and sells very decent Thai food, including takeaways.

The fact it is humming on a Monday night is a good sign, and the Hung Lay Moo (northern slow-cooked pork curry with pineapple, peanut and ginger) is hot and tasty for $18, although noticeably peanut free.

There is a lot of other good stuff on the menu, too; snacks, noodles and stir fries, as well as a very enticing selection of specials. 

It is an eatery well worth trying - and I'll be back next time I am in Adelaide with a request for even more spice (and peanuts). 

Tree funghi salad with minced tofu, mince, shallot, bean sprouts, chilli roasted lime and rice looks good, as does stir-fried line-caught local squid with krachai, green peppercorn and fresh chilli paste. 

Sukhumvit Soi 38, 54 Pulteney Street, Adelaide. (08) 8223 5472. Open for lunch Monday-Friday and dinner Monday-Saturday.

# The hotel housekeeping pest struck again on my second morning; this time knocking at 8.10am. If you are staying at this hotel make sure you use the "Do Not Disturb" sign.  

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