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Wednesday 3 December 2014

They call it the best breakfast in Africa: and they aren't joking

If your idea of breakfast is baked beans on toast, or a bacon sandwich, then you've come to the wrong place.

If you like the idea of a lavish buffet featuring over 260 choices, however, you will be in breakfast heaven.

The breakfasts at the Crystal Court restaurant at The Palace of the Lost City, - part of the massive Sun City leisure complex two hours north-west of Johannesburg - are truly extraordinary.

First there is the setting; life-sized elephant sculptures, floor-to-ceiling arched window frames overlooking water features and lush gardens, with sparkling glimpses of the ginormous pool. And, of course, a gentlemen in a bow tie playing the giant piano for your morning pleasure.

Sit down and order tea, or coffee, or maybe some toast and then start to explore the massive buffet.

There's a roast of the day, yesterday it was roast beef, this morning gammon steak. There's a huge selection of cereals, salads, yoghurts and fresh juices (six every day).

Then there's a remarkable spread of hot dishes, from kippers to congee, from a waffle station to a massive choice of cheeses and cold meats.

There's an omelette station making egg dishes to order and a spread of pastries and cakes that would delight the sweetest of tooths.

It's been described as the best breakfast in Africa and could be argued that it is the best in the world, short maybe of Las Vegas. 

It is really a brunch - and is served until 1pm at weekends. An in addition to the standards there are selections of Chinese and Indian dishes, as well as South African specialities.   

Sun City, is, of course, Africa's Las Vegas, where nothing succeeds like excess. And breakfast is just the beginning.

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