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Monday 22 December 2014

Is there anything that can ward off the horrors of a hangover?

We've all been there. I've been there far too often for my own good.

A couple of beers turns into drinking bottom-shelf spirits at some below-ground club at 3am; or a glass or two of wine turns into a bottle of two of wine because everyone is having such a good time.
End result: thumping headache, mouth that tastes like the bottom of a budgies' cage, inability to focus. 

I've tried all manner of preventatives and cures; the best of which so far have been drinking copious amounts of water before going to bed; and a couple of bacon sandwiches when you are able to pull yourself out from under the duvet to face the light.  

Back in the bad old days I used to find a greasy kebab on the way home helped soak up much of the excess alcohol. 

These days I am a paragon of moderation compared to in my youth, but I still sometimes find it hard to stir myself in the morning when there is much work to be done. And coffee doesn't seem to make too much difference. 

Would you like to try a new product that relieves the symptoms of hangovers, asked a PR person? 

Can't do any harm, I thought. 

The spiel is a compelling one: "Forget the coke and fries on the way home. Bypass the Berocca and the bacon and eggs in the morning. Don’t even think about the Bloody Mary or hair of the dog. HeadsUp is a new Australian product scientifically formulated to relieve the symptoms of hangover. Before you call BS on this one, give it a try. It’s a game changer!
"When your body breaks down alcohol it produces toxins like acetaldehyde, which can be blamed for hangover symptoms like headache, nausea and grogginess. Other 'hangover products' on the market mask the symptoms of hangover, whereas HeadsUp helps the body eliminate these hangover toxins."

I had a few wines the other night, along with a toxic-looking but very tasty pizza, so tried HeadsUp before going to bed; taking four lurid-coloured orange tablets with a large glass of water. 

I woke up around an hour earlier than I normally would, feeling quite fresh, although my mouth was still bone dry. And my urine was, quite frighteningly, a bright yellow colour. 

I was, however, straight into work rather than procrastinating. 

The manufacturers of HeadsUp say it is made from a special blend of plant extracts, vitamins and minerals and is best taken after drinking, before your head hits the pillow. Easier said than done if you are staggering around like an unco fool.

And it's not cheap. A single pack is $9.95 with six packs for $49.75 or, for the inveterate party goer,12 packs for $99.50. But if works consistently.... 

You'll find details at I'm not endorsing the product, and certainly not promoting binge drinking, but the info is there for what it is worth. It may be particularly useful at this time of the year.

# The writer received free product from HeadsUp 

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