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Wednesday 19 April 2017

Why shiraz, sparkling wine and Tasmania are Australia's wine winners

Australians love drinking wine - particularly if it is Australian, and even more so if it is shiraz. 

With May nominated as Aussie Wine Month, the Dan Murphy's chain has released the results of a fascinating survey in which Australian sparkling wine, shiraz and Tasmania emerge as the major winners. 

# Shiraz remains Australia’s favourite varietal - in every state and territory
# Australian sparkling wine still outsells Champagne more than five to one
# 84% of all wine purchased at South Australian Dan Murphy’s stores is Australian wine, making South Australia the most parochial state 
# The range of Tasmanian wine at Dan Murphy's has increased by 44% in the last 12 months

And expect to see more shiraz on your bottle shop shelves with 53 shiraz products added to Dan Murphy’s stores across the country over the past 12 months.            

While the nation’s favourite grape has seen the largest increase of shelf space across the country, while local pinot noir was the second in line for products added to Dan Murphy’s shelves, with an additional 47 products added in the last year.

Peter Nixon, head of Dan Murphy’s Wine Panel, above, believes the Aussie palate is in a transition phase, with more Aussies beginning to also appreciate a lighter, more elegant glass of red as well as the full-bodied hearty styles which we are world famous for.

“The emergence of elegant red wine styles adds to the repertoire of Australian wine drinkers," said Nixon. "A lot of younger wine drinkers prefer the lighter taste, and with increased international travel, have trialled these varieties in the places they’re most popular such as Burgundy. 

"Excitement in these styles means Aussie wine drinkers are continuing to enjoy the nation’s favourite grape, shiraz, as well as gentler styles and everything in between.”. 

Despite the interest in overseas varietals, Australian’s passion for a sense of place is helping drive Tasmanian product with wines from the island state growing faster than those from any other region in Australia.

Nixon believes the increasing interest in food and wine tourism to the state may be to thank for the growing interest in Tasmanian wine.

“With the growing culture of food and wine travel, it’s not surprising to see the nation’s interest in Tasmania as a destination for fine wine and dining has increased over the last few years," he said. 

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