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Tuesday 3 November 2015

First the Melbourne Cup; then the Cygnet Cup

First the Melbourne Cup - the race that stops a nation. Then the Cygnet Cup - the race that causes elation. 

Elation whenever one of the racers picks up the pace, that is, because the Cygnet Cup competitors are not horses, but locally-bred, and notoriously slow, snails.

Touted as the Royal Ascot of the southern hemisphere, the Pagan Cider shed just outside town will be the venue for the card - on Saturday, November 7, and record times are expected in all events; largely because this is the first time the event has been held. 

The organisers see the Cup as "the true culmination of the national racing carnivals" and plan an autumn event on March 19, 2016, to be known as The Golden Slither.

Snails for Saturday's race can be provided by a veteran trainer, or experienced snail racers can bring their own terrestrial pulmonate gastropod molluscs. 

The races will be started by the immortal phrase: "Ready, Steady, Slow".

Entry to the festivities is free and beer, cider and wine will be on sale at the venue, along with food from the Taco, Taco truck. There will be live music from four bands. 

The Pagan Cider cellar door is at 7891 Channel Highway, Cygnet, Tasmania. Races run from 3pm-9pm. For details see 


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