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Thursday 30 October 2014

How a cocktail mixologist from Los Angeles found his way home to Thailand

He's a Los Angeles-born and -raised hipster with a degree in psychology from UCLA who has worked as a bartender in some of the coolest joints in California.

So what, then, is the man who goes by the name of Golffy doing creating exotic tipples like a New York Thymes - complete with its own mini newspaper - at one of Phuket's hippest resorts? 
New York Thymes complete with paper

It's a long story, but mix-master Golffy is also Dhasan Prabhanandan, American to the core but the son of Thai parents.

A short vacation to explore his roots in Thailand in 2007 ignited a passion for his parent's homeland and an urge to explore Asia. Shortly thereafter, Golffy packed his bags and moved to Bangkok, establishing himself as a cocktail and culinary consultant. 

Just last month, the "Conceptual Beverage Designer" moved to Indigo Pearl, in the quieter north of Phuket, where he is creating liquid artworks in the resort's Dirty Monstera cocktail bar and the more laid back Rebar in the same hotel complex. 

His signature New York Thymes is a combination of Ketel One vodka, vanilla bean, cranberry juice, aromatic lemon thyme and citrus air. And while it may sound pretentious, it tastes delicious. 
Mixmaster Golffy

Golffy sources as many rare and unusual ingredients for his cocktails as possible, drawing on his experience at venues such as The Beverly Hilton, The Standard, Koi and Geisha House. 

He says it was while working as a bartender in LA that he began to develop an interest, and then a passion, for mixology.

"It was curiosity at first," Golffy says. "I wanted to know more and I've always had a creative streak and I just became fascinated by the untapped possibilities of mixology and of combining that with my knowledge of food and flavours."

Along with the New York Thymes, I also sampled a Call Me A Cab, named because most people need one after sampling a couple of glasses of this potent but lip-smackingly good combination of calvados, Captain Morgan spiced rum, Amaretto, Demerara sugar and Angostura bitters.
The dangerous Call Me a Cab

While Golffy can mostly be found behind the bar at Dirty Monstera with LA-style leather booths and clubby upholstered chairs, he can occasionally can found strolling around the resort with what might be mistaken for a shoeshine box or a picnic hamper. In fact, he's turned himself into a one-man walking wet bar.

"This is an innovation I'm proud of," he says. "I can stop and make impromptu bespoke cocktails anywhere on the property, with whatever ingredients are fresh and in season. It's a great way to connect with guests and give them something to remember." 

Indigo Pearl Resort is situated within its own tropical gardens just 10 minutes from Phuket International Airport.

# The writer was a guest of Indigo Pearl 


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