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Monday 7 July 2014

New range value adds for Tasmanian truffle producer

It is a frequent criticism of Tasmanian producers that they do not value add to their base product. 

Until recently apple growers were complaing about shrinking markets, yet very few of them made apple pies to sell to tourists. It is only the recent cider boom that has kept the industry afloat. 

Tasmania's truffle industry is soaring right now, and one producer is looking to cash in with a new range of products that includes some state firsts.

Tamar Valley Truffles has partnered with some of the state's most innovative producers to create value-added products that it says will be marketed across the globe - a bold move. 

From a truffled olive oil to a truffled sea salt, the range certainly offers some different flavours - and will be launched at the Melbourne Truffle Festival on July 11. 

Tamar Valley Truffles marketing manager John Baily said the business had formed relationships with many boutique brands from around Tasmania to create the range.

"We are really impressed with the first-class quality of our truffle range and proud to be leading the way in the truffle industry,"' he said. 

"Our freshly harvested truffles, often referred to as black gold, are sent around the world and this is a great way to keep some of the exclusive product close to home for everyday families to be able to enjoy.''

Tamar Valley Truffles says it believes its new olive oil is the first Tasmanian olive oil to be infused with Perigord truffle and is produced in conjunction with the Caccavo family in the Coal Valley - who own the largest olive grove in the state. 

A pre-packaged truffled risotto, also believed to be another first, has a shelf life of 12 months while Tasmanian Truffled Sea Salt is part of a partnership with Chris Manson and Alice Laing, from Tasman Sea Salt at Mayfield on the State's east coast. 

The range also includes truffle-infused shortbread, Tasmanian truffled bush honey and Tasmanian rainforest creamed truffle honey from Lindsay Bourke at Australian Honey, one of the largest apiarists in Tasmania. 

A Tasmanian truffled honey seeded mustard is also in the pipeline, while truffled cheeses are already in the market. 

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