Monday 21 August 2023

Two top eateries are talking Turkiye

A unique taste of Turkiye? 

For one night only, Efendy Group’s executive chef Arman Uz and owner and head chef Coskun Uysal from Melbourne’s Tulum are to join forces for what is billed as "the ultimate Turkish dinner". 

With a share-style menu created by the Tulum team, the collaborative dinner will be held at Maydanoz, in Sydney’s CBD, on October 26.

“We are looking forward to bringing our friends at Tulum to Sydney for a special night at Maydanoz," says Uz. 

"If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Tulum in Melbourne, you’ll have an idea of what is to come. If you’re yet to make it, let this be your incredible introduction."

So he's keen. 

Known for his extensive hospitality experience at restaurants including Jaime Oliver’s Fifteen, Uysal’s culinary expertise is demonstrated at his hatted Turkish restaurant, Tulum, located in the Melbourne suburb of Balaclava. 

Uz, meanwhile, has worked under some of Turkiye’s top chefs, including Efendy Group owner Somer Sivrioglu. Uz oversees the food programmes at Efendy Group restaurants Maydanoz, Anason and the recently-opened Baharat.

The event will kick off with cocktails and canapes before guests are seated and treated to a menu split into three main sections; small plates, larger plates and desserts. 

Highlights from the small plates include: whipped Tulum cheese and Turkish chilli jam, simit with smoked taramasalata, white anchovy and candied orange zest, smoked date butter and cumin and lentil kofta with pickled turnip. This selection of dishes will be accompanied by grilled Turkish pide bread.

Star turns among the larger plates will be raw yellowfin tuna with fried green pepper borani and smoked cherry tomatoes; Icli kofte with lamb and walnut kibbeh and buttermilk and salgam; and kuzu lamb shoulder served with eggplant puree, prune jam and bulgur pilaf.

Wrapping up the evening, dessert will be a spin on a Turkish dish traditionally served to Ottoman sultans in the Topkapı Palace; chicken and milk pudding with lemon thyme ice cream and a sweet caramel mousse.

The collab event follows Maydanoz and Tulum’s long Sunday lunch at Lezzet, Elwood.

Tickets can be purchased at for $165 a head. An optional wine pairing will also be available on the night.


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