Sunday 20 August 2023

The one book that everyone interested in Australian wine needs in their library

It has taken two savvy Americans to write the one book that every Australian wine lover needs to have in their library.

In their new book How to Drink Australian, released earlier this month, Janes Lopes and Jonathan Ross - two high-flying and scarily knowledgeable sommeliers - have covered just about every aspect of the wine industry in Australia, making their book a must read for both wine industry folks and wine lovers.

Want the lowdown on what makes Langhorne Creek different to other South Australian wine regions? Or what wines to try from rising cool-climate star Tasmania? The answers are right here.

The pair moved to Australia from the US in 2017 with Jane working at Attica and the Jon for the Rockpool Group.

They quickly realised how little exposure there was to premium Australian wines in the US.

While in Australia, Jane and Jon both passed their master sommelier exams, Jane wrote her first book titled Vignette, and Jon started making wine under his own label: Micro Wines.

Upon returning to the US in 2020, Jane and Jon launched Legend Imports, a company devoted solely to importing Australian wine to the US.

"Jon and I wrote How to Drink Australian to help the world fall in love with Australian wine the way that we had while living over there." Lopes says.

"We've collaborated with Australian wine folks Mike Bennie, Kavita Faiella and Hannah Day to bring the on-the-ground perspective in addition to the 100+ interviews we did with winemakers, viticulturists, journalists, and somms throughout Australia.

"Martin von Wyss is the cartographer who created the 30+ original maps for the book; we have original art by Robin Cowcher and Lily Cummins, as well as gorgeous photography, producer profiles, even a fun fold-out grape table. "

The book has impressive analysis of every significant wine region across the country, detailed original maps, wine recommendations, producer profiles and even a fold-out grape table.

The publicity blurb says How to Drink Australian "is the modern wine book that Australia (and a world of wine drinkers) has been waiting for". And, for once, the PR is right.

The wines from Gundagai? Covered. Timo Mayer? Covered.

There is so much useful information here that I know I will be sneaking a peak at this book on a regular basis. And it would make a super Father's Day gift for any wine drinker.

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