Monday 7 December 2020

Are you ready to explore your inner consciousness with psychedelics?

Are you ready to travel with a purpose and expand your horizons? 

Behold Retreats, specialists in bespoke entheogen plant medicine journeys, is inviting guests to to travel to an exponential leaders retreat in the lush tropical jungles of Costa Rica. 

OK. Psychedlics. Not a holiday opportunity for everyone, perhaps. 

The retreat is designed to help those in positions of leadership tap into their subconscious to find clarity of purpose, while developing a more authentic and intuitive leadership style.

The blurb says: "To deliver exponential results in today’s turbulent times, leaders must transcend growing complexity, establish a clear vision for themselves, their business and their teams and energize and organize a collective for massive action and outcomes."

The seven-night immersive Ayahuasca Retreat has been specially designed to accelerate progression to the exponential through a holistic expert-led program that includes pre-travel education, goal-setting workshops, and plant medicine ceremonies. 

I think that means you can get stoned in a totally legal way. 

Behold Retreat’s bespoke programs offer end-to-end support so that guests can reap the full benefits of plant medicine.Solidifying intentions with a coach beforehand is a key part of this process. During the retreat, guests are given the tools for success and taught how to use them; post-retreat they’ll receive continued support and resources to help integrate these learnings into their everyday lives. 

The result is, I am assured, an extended period of personal growth that will help participants understand themselves better, refine priorities, and achieve their goals.

The venue is Costa Rica’s Gulf of Papagayo; a tropical haven offering oceanfront views. Guests will stay in single-occupancy bungalows in a sustainable, eco-minded property boasting state-of-the-art architectural design that blends indoor with outdoor. 

During their stay, participants will enjoy plant-based meals, daily yoga, meditation or massage sessions, all with the ongoing support of expert guides.

This particular retreat will focus on entheogen plant medicine – in this case, Ayahuasca. Traditionally used for spiritual and religious ceremonies by Amazonian tribes, Ayahuasca is a tea-like herbal brew made from indigenous plants. 

"It has proven useful in facilitating heightened self-reflection and producing insightful perspectives, and is increasingly acknowledged to promote unique benefits such as detoxification, heightened introspection and self-analysis, improved emotional processes, and a sense of purpose." 

During this particular Ayahuasca Retreat, guests will be guided through a program designed to radically accelerate both personal and professional growth, with the goal of achieving peak performance and wellbeing.

By promoting neurogenesis - the formation of new neurons and neural connections - plant medicine aims to boost personal growth. The psychotropic herbs can expand the consciousness, thereby offering a profound opportunity to explore new perspectives. 

The press release assures me that over the last 20 years, renowned institutions like John Hopkins School of Medicine and the Imperial College of London have conducted significant research to prove that under therapeutic conditions, plant medicine can safely and effectively treat a number of mental health conditions as well as promote long-lasting psychological growth.

Jonathan de Potter, Founder of Behold Retreats, said: “We are pleased to offer this Ayahuasca Retreat for those who are ready to look within and explore the self in order to reach a new level of self-actualisation in the new year."

The Exponential Leaders Retreat is scheduled for the first quarter of 2021, subject to pandemic travel restrictions.


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